Menu List ...



· Dip

with fresh basil and buttermilk cheese from Siteia


· Carob bread and fresh bread

made by the chef






· Taramas (fish roe) white and black

made with cuttlefish ink


· Fresh anchovies marinated

with sundried tomatoes, capers and garlic


· Herring salad


· Octopus marinated with vinegar

and Cretan wild herbs served on a bed of hummus


· Spicy steamed mussels

flavored with mastic ouzo and smoked pepper flakes







· Homemade, soft cheese

with chutney or jam proposed by the chef


· Smoked eggplant

fresh herbs and soil from apaki (locally smoked ham)


· Crostini

topped with Talagani cheese, courgette flowers and poppy seeds finished with a chamomile liquor sauce


· Local spinach pie

cooked in our wood-fired oven served with a cream from sheep's milk yogurt


· Cretan cheese pies

served with a thyme honey lemon curd


· Courgette flowers stuffed

with a mixture of three cretan cheeses deep fried and served with yogurt


· Dolmades

wrapped with grape leaves and courgette flowers


· Cretan lamb carpaccio

served with gruyere shavings mustard  leaves and a fig and lemon confit


· Sunny side up eggs

with sheep's cheese served with carob bread


· Cheese Selection

from cretan cheese farms served with a fresh red basil apple jam



· Seasonal grilled vegetables

from our garden served with tzatziki pana cotta


· Crispy waffle

made with carob flour, wild rocket, baby spinach and slices of aged anthotiro cheese from Rethymno


· Rose cut salad

with fresh tomatoe from Elounda with Cretan herbs and salt flakes from Gavdos


· Cretan salad

with cretan barley rusk, purslane, cherry tomatoes and capers


· Mixed green salad

from the Karalakis organic garden topped with a grapefruit and orange marinated salmon





· Grilled calamari  (500gr)

served with apple geranium and a lemon olive oil sauce


· Risotto kakavia with john dory fish


· Jumbo shrimp (350 gr) saganaki

served with sheep's butter flavored orzo


· Fillet of seabass

served with anise sauce and mashed potatoes flavored with herbs


· Fillet of Gilt-head bream

 served with orange butter and carrot puree


· Whole Seabass one kilo

served into a crust of sea salt and mountain tea (estimated serving time one hour)


· Salmon fillet burger

 flavored with lime, ginger served on a brioche bun with a side of guacamole


· Chef's mousaka  for 2 persons

with a cream of melted Cretan cheeses


· Rooster

served with a fresh tomato sauce and  Cretan ravioli stuffed with fresh anthotiro cheese


· Lamb shank

slow cooked  for 12 hours in a ceramic pot served with a wild parsnip puree


· Burgers

made from with goat and beef ground served with a local gruyere cheese sauce, a spicy fresh tomato sauce & fresh cut fries


· Pancetta

with crispy skin cooked with thyme and honey served with wine and coriander flavored baby potatoes


· Juicy meatballs

with ground beef made with the secret chef's recipe served with fresh cut french fries



· Veal chop (550gr)

flavored with marjoram served with a gruyere cheese sauce and fresh cut french fries


· Lamb chops grilled

flavored with sweet paprika, garlic, thyme served with sauteed purple amaranth and mashed potatoes



ORDER in advance


· Fish of the day per kilo


· Fresh lobster per kilo





· Tagliatelle

with porcini mushrooms, pistachios in an almond liquor sauce


· Tagliolini

served with a spicy fresh tomatoe and almond pesto


· Hilopites

served with a roasted red pepper and feta cheese sauce





· Cretan macaron

with a selection of two creams vanilla or pistachio and served with a fresh seasonal fruit salad


· Millefeuille of Cretan xerotigana

(pastry dough) vanilla or chocolate ice cream and tomato jam


· Sandwich with frozen

chocolate mosaiko made with pistachios and cookies


· Chocolate souffle

served with ice cream